Thursday, February 19, 2009

Test My Patience

Just like a nasty case of hemroids or the vocal stylings of death metal music, Scarlett Johansson was put here to test my patience.
Why is it that girls and guys alike love her? What is she?
I stand by my statement of, she cannot act. What has she been in that she did a good acting job? Do you know what people respond with?
Lost in Translation and Ghost World.
Those movies were not made good by her. They were made good by Steve Busemi, Bill Murrey and Thora Birtch. Not Mrs. Ryan Reynolds.
She was a flat boring character in both these movies, so what if she looks good in a pair of underwear? She has the emotional range of a wet sock.
She has this stupid, blank look that makes her look like she has some sort of handicap.
And did you notice that once the world realized she had a decent sized rack everyone started fawning. And then the girl-next-door sweetheart couldn't stop showing her breasts off, like in Girl with the Pearl Earring, The other Boylene Sister and The Prestige. So what, you have tits! I don't care.
Hollywood has pumped up this girl so much that people are simply ignoring the fact that she is dumb as a post.
It aggrivates me that other people, people I respect have fallen under her spell. Like Tom Waits. What was he thinking producing and writing some of her album? I mean come on Tom you have dignity, you have respect. Don't stoop.
She doesnt have it going on people...SHE LIKES WOODY ALLEN for crying in the soup. No one likes Woody Allen, people just put up with him.
She looks like a bobble head. And she looks like she is taking a crap in this picture...
Dye your fucking roots you skeevie bitch.


C-Stene said...

Remember the time Scarlett Johnason took a crap on our blog?


rebrebs said...

She has an album? Yikes, that can't be good...